The funny thing about word of mouth, it's going to occur whether buyers have a good or not so good experience with your business, there's not really much a business can do about what people say about their brand...or is there? One of the goals for every brand and business should be to stay ahead of how their business is being talked about; how others are perceiving their brand. 

Here are 5 #ReeMarkable tips you can use to help create positive word of mouth strategies:  

1. Ask Your Social Media Community to Share. Probably the easiest way to garner word of mouth marketing for your business is to simply ask those in your community to share your business, your content, your weblink or your specific call to action. 

2. Ask Your Supportive Business Network to Share. Many of us belong to supportive business networks. Part of belonging to the network should be the requirement for each member to share other member's businesses or marketing promotions. If business sharing is not a part of your network, it's a great time to introduce the concept. All the businesses in your network can benefit from word of mouth marketing.

3. Create a "Try and Tell" Special Offer. Create a special offer for your current buyers only. The offer should be so incredible that they cannot pass it up. Be clear that the offer is contingent upon them sharing your business by giving a testimonial. The testimonial should be specific; it can be a simple email, a social media testimonial (one that tags your business specifically), or a video testimonial that you can share on your social media pages or your website, or both. 

4. Give Good Service. Customers today are looking for brands that make them feel good about spending their money with them. Customer experience goes a long way. Customers that have good experiences with businesses will sing the praises of the business to everyone they know.

5. Give Back To Your Community. Giving back and being involved in your community is a great way to authentically connect your business to the hearts and minds of potential buyers. 

Word of mouth marketing can have a huge impact on your business. Many experts say that word of mouth marketing cost nothing, but that is far from the truth. As a business owner, you pay for word of mouth marketing by ensuring you are consistent with investing in knowing how to deliever a value driven buying experience to every customer, whether online or offline.

Ways to Add Word of Mouth Marketing to Your Business

What happens when you have a great buying experience with a business? The buying experience makes you feel good. And, if you're like most buyers, you can't wait to share your great buying experience with your close friends and family; you want them to feel exactly what you're feeling.  

This is called word of mouth marketing and it is extremely valuable to your business.

If you take a look around the internet and social media, you'll see everyone's got something to sell, something they feel is the best thing since sliced bread and something you cannot do without. Potential buyers are overwhelmed with product and service marketing messages. Credibility and believability is still the name of the game. Buyers, now more than ever, are looking to at least connect with and buy from businesses they feel are credible; businesses they can believe in. 

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