So how do you rock the business game in the summer when buying is down to a cool simmer? Check out these three tips:

1. While buying may slow down, it does not completely stop. Promote and market additional offerings from your product suite. The first quarter of the year is the best time to market your pricier, flagship products and services; summertime is a great time to cast a wider net, capturing a larger segment of your buying audience, by offering products that fulfill more buyers’ needs, that are not as pricey as your flagship products and services. 

INSIDE TIP: You can expand your positioning in the market by capturing buyers who buy your less pricier products and services. You can grow them into buying up by engaging with them, allowing them to see you as knowledgeable, credible and believable. 

2. Buyers are not inside--you don’t stay inside. Do not stay tucked in your (home) offices. Summertime is a great time to enjoy outdoor networking and connecting. Instead of taking your meetings in a stuffy office, put some summertime flavor in your day, take meetings in the park, meet at sidewalk cafes and even take meetings while you are on the beach. Don't let the sunny sunshine get you off track, stick with the meeting agenda so your meetings always be productive, but get outside and soak up some summer vibes. 

3. Happy Holidays! It’s never too early to strategize and plan your holiday campaigns. Take advantage of the summertime slow down. While business may not be booming, that doesn’t mean your creativity has to be a bust. Use this time to engage your audience of buyers, gaining useful information that will help you create the best products and services for your up coming holiday campaigns. This is a great time to ensure that your buyer's database information is current. This is also a great time to engage your audience, encouraging more of your audience to get on your mailing list.

Business is 365 days a year, as a business owner, you must set goals, map out strategies and create plans that help you stay focused, aware of and ready for the buying ups and downs in your business year so business makes sense all year long. 

How To Rock Out In Your Business This Summer

Summertime. The days get longer, the weather gets hotter, families are taking vacations, people are more social, but sadly, business can get slower. The summertime “slow downs” can be detrimental to a small business if the business owner is not properly prepared.

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