Strategy sessions are mission and vision checkup sessions. Because business changes so rapidly, business owners should plan for regular business development and growth checkup sessions. 

The ultimate goal of every business owner is to achieve the business goals they set. Because business is ever changing, strategy sessions are required to ensure your business goals, strategies and plans are helping you stay relevant, competitive and profitable.

As a Master Business Coach, I'm not a huge fan of the one time strategy session model that many coaches are offering to entrepreneurs. After implementing a few newly suggested strategies, the one time (60, 90 or 120 minute) strategy sessions are landing entrepreneurs right back at the doorsteps of business coaches, needing to invest in more time, for their "What do I do now or next?" 

Strategy Blocks.

Strategy Blocks are in depth sessions that focus on helping you understand critcal factors that are impacting your busisness,  right now.

Strategy Blocks help you discover and uncover all problem areas in your business. You will be provided with the proper tools and strategies that will help you focus on plugging up the problems. 

With a Strategy Block, each entrepreneur is given the opportunity to learn, understand, implement and assess, to ensure the (new) strategies makes sense and are helping to increase productivity and produce profitable results. 

Strategy Blocks are excelerated and extremely challenging -- there's quite a bit of research, engagement and next step implementation activities. 

Instead of 90 minutes, I offer 90 days of support in order for entrepreneurs to have a true strategic breakthrough. 

A One on One Strategy Block consists of:
Initial Written Small Business Assessment: 15 Days To Complete
One on One Assessment Telephone Review: Up to 1 Hour
Next Step Strategies:
45 Day Implementation and Strategy Assessment Report
Next Steps Strategy Follow Up (Online Review)
Final Next Steps:
30 Day Implementation and Strategy Assessment Report
Final One on One Telephone Followup: Up to 1 Hour


90 Days To Give You The Strategic Breakthrough YOU Deserve! 

Strategy Block Sessions With CoachRee