How many entrepreneur rags to riches stories have your heard or read about on social media? Probably way too many to count or that you care to remember. Sadly, many of those "I did it and I can show you how for just $19.99 a month" stories that litter up the internet and social media airways are nothing more than marketing ploys. They're money making schemes designed to tap into that part of every entrepreneur that wants to be rich and successful.

There's quite a few "entrepreneurs" that have no problem selling other entrepreneurs junk, just to make some quick and easy cash for themselves...and they know that the message of "making money, right now", will get the attention of a lot of entrepreneurs. 

Please, do not get caught up with those trick offerings.

Those types of marketing campaigns and strategies are nothing more than traps. They are designed to get lots of entrepreneurs to chase the quick riches and fast success. Often times what you get for the money you pay is information that was Googled, copied, rehearsed and repeated. You get general information that does nothing to help you move your unique business forward. 

I'm not sure where the tide turned, but if you are desperate to make money, fast, being an entrepreneur is not the choice to make.  

Being an entrepreneur is about having a true marketable solution. Entrepreneurs understand that there are buyers who are ready to buy what they are offering. But as an entrepreneur, you must also understand that building a business is a journey, not a sprint. Getting the buyers to buy from you will take some strategic thinking and action. Deciding to become an entrepreneur could never mean that you have all of the answers, but it does mean that you've asked enough questions that have motivated you to start your own business. 

Never believe that being a successful entrepreneur will come easy.

Being an entrepreneur is tough, you should never get caught up in the "shiny object" web of tricks and lies that you will undoubtedly come across while on your business building journey.  Here are 5 more things that entrepreneurs must NEVER do:

1. Do not chase riches and fame. Those who chase quick, fast and easy success almost never attain what they are chasing. Be careful not to get caught up in buying into any of the "In 14 days" schemes. Take the time to do the work required. Know that you can only go day by day, but if you do, you'll arrive at the levels of success you truly desire. 

2. Do not wait for the "perfect time" to start your business. There is no perfect time to start a business. Once you have vetted your business idea, understand your business structure and business model, set your goals, and formulated a plan of execution, you have to believe in yourself and your ability to start your small business. 

3. Do not destroy relationships when family and friends do not support your business. So many entrepreneurs get their wires in a knot when they realize their family and friends are not in line to help them build their business and are not interested in buying any of their products and services. Your family and friends are not necessarily your buyers. Identify your target audience, create your ideal client profiles, create relevant content and marketing strategies and engage your audience consistently. You'll connect to your buyers.  

4. Do not get comfortable. When I first started my business, I got one new client and that one new client began to tell all of her business owner colleagues about me. My business was booming and guess what...I was riding the gravy train! It goes without saying, the biscuit wheels feel off of that gravy train. Why? Because I got comfortable and caught up, believing that clients would continue to roll in, from everyone else's efforts, but my own. Do not get comfortable when things are going well in your business. Have goals and strategies that make sense and that keep you creating, marketing and engaging your audience.  

5. Do not give up. Again, building your business will not be easy and there will be no free rides. You must stay focused and be dedicated. You must also be willing to stay learning and you must show up, everyday, doing goal completion oriented work that helps you get to the levels of success you desire. 

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