Is the social media marketing content you share professional or just too personal?

Business and life coaches often feel like they are walking a marketing tight rope, one wrong move and business takes a hard, critical hit! When it comes to how you show up on social media, there is, I believe, a fine line to follow, but it's nothing to panic about.

Because of the makeup of today's social media, often times, entrepreneurs feel like they're in a tangled web when it comes to what they should or should not post on their social media pages, when to post and how much to post. With just about everyone on social media being so overly reactionary, posting content can come with much hesitation and even frustration. 

Should you post personal information on social media? Or, should you keep it all professional? 

Well, I'll tell you right now, no business in the world keeps their marketing 100% business. All businesses add a little bit of relatability in their marketing, in order to connect with a deeper part of their customers or potential customers.

You are human, not a robot nor a machine, so it's okay for your audience to get a view of your personal side. It's okay to share your family, tell a funny joke, blow off a LITTLE bit of steam and even comment on current and civic issues. It's your platform, it's ultimately up to you what you post on your platform, however, let me share a bit more information that will help you better understand your social media platforms and the importance of engaging your audience with content that makes sense. 

Here's 5 #ReeMarkable tips that can help you further: 

1. Your audience has a need; they have come to your platform because they have been informed that you provide a solution that will help fill that need. You want to make sure that your priority is sharing content that speaks solely to the needs that your products or services are a solution for. 

2. While sharing your personal side is great, you want to make sure you remember that you are a business owner. Over everything, your audience wants to qualify you to get their buy. Your audience needs to see you as a) credible, b) knowledgeagle and c) believable. So when sharing content, keep those three things in mind, even when you stray away from sharing professional content, choosing to share personal content.

3. Share personal content that is relevant to your audience. If your audience is made up of struggling entrepreneurs, you do not want to share pictures of you traveling around the world, buying $1200 shoes, designer handbags, big houses and fancy cars. While all of that may be the real you; you have to ask yourself, "Is this relevant to my audience?" 

4. Can the EGO...Be careful that the content you share is not an "All About I" Show:
     a. "I am taking a break from my lucrative business and headed to Vegas...wheels up!"
     b. "I am relaxing in my pool in the backyard, working my business!"
     c. "I just got another speaking gig!"
     d. "I did it and if I can do it, so can you!"
      e. "I was homeless 6 months ago, I can show you how to live just like I do!" 


Professional vs Personal

Your business is not about you, it should be about the solution you bring into the market as it relates to the needs of your audience of potential buyers. 

5. Is your audience engaging? I review personal and business pages all the time for clients and one of the saddest things to see is someone with 5,000 FB Friends and only a few likes on a post and 0 comments. If your audience is not engaging you will not be able to bring them into a buying process and if you are not bringing your audience into a buying process, no one is buying from you. 

When posting content, I have a social media content marketing rule using the ratio: 99:1 -- 99% of what you post on your social media platform should be information that focuses on your clients and potential clients and 1% reserved to share your vacations, "what's for dinner or what should I wear" and even momentary political and social rants; it's all good, as long as there is the balance. 

Get personal, not too personal though. 

It 's okay to be yourself, in fact, it's imperative that you be your true and authentic self, but when it comes to you showing up on your business platform, there's a much needed healthy balance that must be achieved. 


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