You hear it talked about all the time...content, content, content. Well, it's true what they say, "Content is KING!"

Creating great content is important and should be taken seriously. Creating great content is achievable, unfortunately, so many entrepreneurs overthink content writing, get frustrated and simply give up. Content requires clarity, focus and a little bit of time, thinking about your business, understanding your audience and planning. Your audience deserves relevant, real, reliable and relatable content. Your brand and business will benefit greatly from taking the time to create great content. 

Check out these 5 #ReeMarkable tips that will help you create content: 

1. Be Consistent. Show up! That's absolutely half the battle. Having great content to share means nothing and will do nothing to help connect your content to your audience, If your audience only see's you show up every now and then, it's going to be pretty difficult to make a connection. If you want to influence your audience by sharing content, be consistent. 

2. Be Authentic. Sharing content of others is great, but the ultimate goal is to get your own content noticed. Your audience wants to read content that expresses your unique voice, brand, thinking and style. 

Hint: Do not automate your content. That's not authentic. You want to engage your audience in real time. If you are using an app or program to share your content, you are not giving your audience much credit. Programming content shows that your brand is trying to be everywhere just to get noticed or to sell something. If you want your audience to be attracted to your brand, show your audience that your brand is worth it.  

3. Be Bold. Share content that is insightful, relevant and helps your audience get in touch with what is real for them. Fluffy lies are still lies. If you are not bold enough to be honest and real in your content, your content will get lost in the mound of inauthentic content that is floating around social media world. 

4. Be In the Right Place. Where should you share your content? Many believe they should be on all social media channels and that simply is not true. It makes no sense to be on a social media platform and there's no audience for you there. Make sure you understand who your content is being created for and show up exactly where they are. 

5. Be Yourself. Your content voice must be unique; a voice that clearly sets you apart from your competitors. Do not duplicate anyone else. Your audience should have the real you. They should know who you are as a business owner, be able to relate to your brand, and see through your content that you are credible, knowledgeable and believable. 

Creating content is not always easy, for many entrepreneurs, it will take a little time getting use to writing consistent content. With all of your content, stay true to yourself. Stay true to your vision and mission. Do not get sidetracked by trying to copy content styles of others. Be provocative. Deliver quality information. Do not be afraid of creating content that makes your content readers think and feel.

5 Ingredients To Creating Great Content

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