Start Up Business Coaching: This is ideal for the entrepreneur who has started a business and does not know what their next steps should be.

This coaching program is also great for the entrepreneur in the SEED stage of business, still on their 9to5 and working to create a solid and structured business to transition into strategically. 

Programs are generally 6-12 months

"Okay, CoachRee, I need to know how working with a business coach can help me?"  
Business coaching will help you understand your true WHY (and no, it's not your kids or at least it should not be). Business coaching will help you create and understand a clear mission and vision. When you work with a seasoned and skilled businesss coach, we help you understand what you are bringing to the market, why you are bringing your particular products and services to the market, who you're bringing them to the market to serve, how to price your products and services properly and how to get your products and services in the hands of your ideal targeted buyers.

Those are just the highlights, there's so much more to it. That's why working with a business coach is so important. 

What business coaching IS NOT! 
Business coaching is not life coaching. What happens in your personal life will have no room during our business coaching sessions. Business coaching is not friendship. When entered into a business coaching partnership, it's about business. 
Business coaching is not counseling of any kind. 

Business Coaches Are Your Business Partners
When you work with a business coach, you are forming a partnership and in that partnership, the coach, as well as the business owner (client) each have a role and responsibilities. The business coach creates the power plays and the business owner (client) executes to get the results (translation, goals fulfilled). 

The Business Coaching Process: How It Begins.
So, you've decided that you want to work with CoachRee, REEMARKBLE! There is a process before business coaching can begin. Business coaching is not cookie cutter. Each potential coaching client must have an initial consultation for a few reasons: 
     1. To ensure that CoachRee and the potential client are a personality fit. 
     2. To ensure the potential client is truly ready for coaching; you must be coachable. 
     3. To determine where the potential client is, along their business building journey. 
     4. To determine which coaching plan will be a best fit for potential client. 
     5. To determine if the entrepreneur needs business coaching at all. That's right, not every entrepreneur needs business
          coaching, sometimes, all it takes is a Strategy Block to get entrepreneurs on a great right track. 

S.A.M.E. Coaching: I know you're tired of the same ole thing, but the S.A.M.E. Coaching Program is a unique coaching program designed to support the business owner who has had success in business, but has come to a roadblock and needs help with clarity, focus, goals and strategies. The S.A.M.E. Coaching Program is a 3 month program. 

S.A.M.E. Business Coaching:

S = Structure, Strategy and Sales

A = Accountability Based

M = Marketing, Measure and Movement 

E = Engaging and Empowering

S.A.M.E. is a registered trademark of The Ree Williams Group

Business Structure Development Coaching:

For the entrepreneuer who's ready to uplevel in key areas that affect their revenue and profit. 

The focus will be ensuring that the business mission and business model are married and strong. 

Your business will be assessed in key areas to ensure the structure is solid and current strategies are clear and makes sense for moving forward to create avenues to increase growth, in selected areas. 

This coaching program is a 6 month program. 

Business Coaching Support Services

Business Plan Building

Planning is the key to success. When it comes to owning a business, planning should start at the very beginning. In a perfect world, the right time to prepare your business plan is before you launch your business. No worries, if you have already started your business, the present time is "still the right time" to prepare a business plan.

As the business owner, you are the captain of the ship and as the captain, it is your responsibility to ensure you navigate your ship properly. Your business plan will help you chart the best direction for your business.  Also, a sound business plan can convince outside investors that you have a clear understanding of your idea, your vision, and your mission, giving them confidence in investing in your business.

Preparing a business plan can be complicated, but I can take that worry off of your mind. We can prepare a business plan that fits your business. If your business is not ready for a 50 page plan, I will not waste your money or our time preparing one for you. I'll give you exactly what you need for your right now business situation.

Team Coaching

A team's poor performance can hamper productivity which can have ill effects on a company's profits. In order for a team to thrive, each member must have a clear understanding of the company's goals and each team member must be focused. 

Your team member strengths and weaknesses will be asessed and the information gathered will be used to measure how each team member's skill set and productivity level affects overall team performance.

In addition to coaching and training, You will receive a clear and concise action plan and workable strategies to help get team members on the right track, resulting in a more cohesive team, which ultimately will lead to better production results for the company.

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All of the following are business coaching programs and require a personal consultation before a coaching agreement can be entered into. If you are interested in learning more about what coaching with CoachRee looks like, please fill out the form below. Thank you. 

Are You Ready To Discuss Business Coaching?

Running a successful small business is a big deal! Many of us have come to the wise conclusion that we can't do it all on our own. At times we may need to outsource various tasks to other industry professionals and at other times, we need more concentrated support, mentoring, business education, and training, in order to keep ourselves and our businesses on track. That's where a business coach comes in...that's where I come in...for YOU!!

I will act much like a sports coach, I won't push you, that's your job, but I will challenge you so that you will be able to reach YOUR optimum performance level and win the business game, scoring how you want to score.

I'll help you identify obstacles that keep you and your business stuck and together, we'll formulate strategies and create sound plans that will get  you and your business moving in a positive direction.

I'll help you strengthen your focus so that you are concentrating on you, your business plan and growing your business. Don't overthink what your competition is doing, there's a method to staying in tune with your competitors and I'll help you gather, understand, and analyze competitor information...the right way. But, ultimately, your goal will be to stay focused on your business and your business goals.

My Goal: Giving you the best business tools and resources that will help you achieve your maximum business results.

I'll give you the truth about your business, challenge you to work, whether you like it or not!! Don't worry, you won't feel like an employee, but you will feel like an empowered and energetic entrepreneur!! I'll guide you, support you, and encourage you to a place where you are able to work within a high level of focus, responsibility and accountability, without feeling out of place or overwhelmed.

My Coaching Support Services:

         Business Plan Development

         Start Up Business Coaching

         S.A.M.E Coaching 

         Marketing Strategy Preparation (and Quarterly Analysis)

         Strategic Business Development Coaching (Upleveling)

         Direct Sales Team Leader (and Team) Coaching

Small business coaching helps entrepreneurs tap into their strengths -- turning on their creativity, ingenuity and innovative thinking so they are positioned to lead their businesses, from the front, doing the work
required, leading to the business results desired. 

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