There was a time I would get so down on myself when I was unable to achieve the goals I set for myself and my business. Whether it's lose 15 pounds or gain a new client, if I did not get the results I wanted in the timeframe I set, I was upset. Nevermind the fact that I may have lost 6 pounds or got access to better business opportunities, all that mattered to me was I failed to reach my end goal. In being overly focused on the end result, I missed great opportunity to celebrate the milestones that were achieved. Instead of seeing the small steps as steps bringing me closer to achieving my ultimate goal, I was frustrated and down on myself.  

As entrepreneurs, we are always focused on the big, the completion, the things that will get us to the reward, the fastest. A great number of entrepreneurs never realize there is great reason to celebrate the small steps and the small accomplishments we make while working to achieve the big goals.

Let's be clear, of course, we want to set goals, do the work and reach our goals, but when we don't, it's okay to look at the work achieved, re think the goal (if required), set new strategies and celebrate the work already complete that puts you closer to being where your business needs to be. 

Check out these 5 #ReeMarkable tips to setting better goals, taking steps and celebrating every milestone: 

1. Adjust Your Attitude. Focus on all of the things you have accomplished working in your business instead of focusing on what you don't have. Don't allow your inability to see the positive be your own biggest obstacle. While your work may not lead you to goal completion all the time, look at how far your work did bring you.

2. Set Realistic Goals. We hear so much rhetoric from business coaches and business experts about setting unrealistic goals. Well, unrealistic goals leads to unrealistic work and unrealistic work leads to real frustration and no results. Don't lose yourself in the overwhelm. Make sure you are setting goals that are relevant to your right now resources and capabilities. Do not feel that you have to set goals that are too lofty. If you set goals that are unrealistic, you'll undoubtedly miss opportunities to celebrate those steps forward that, all together, can lead to big accomplishments and rewards. 

3. Never Listen To Anyone Telling You, "You're playing to small!". This is the worst piece of advice swirling around in the business owner environment. More entrepreneurs get off track and become confused, trying to play to the big ideas that rests in the heads of other people. Focus on your business and your goals. Keep your mind on what you know you need to do in your business. Work at a pace that makes sense to you. Trying to work at a pace that others think you should be working is for sure not going to lend you much cause to want to celebrate. 

4. Give Your Small Steps Forward Big Credit. Acknowledge the progress made by your small steps. What did you learn? What new connections did you make? How much more awareness came to your brand? How many more potential buyers entered your buying process? Moving forward, even if the big goal is not reached, can still add positively to your business. 

5. Take A Break! It's okay to pull the plug. When what should make sense is no longer making sense, it's okay to step away, take a break and get your clarity back. Whether for a few minutes or a complete day, your mind cannot be clogged if you want to do work in your business that makes sense. Step away from your business and your goals and allow your brain to just rest and refresh.  

Business is unpredictable, you never know what the day to day will bring. There'll be ups, downs, falls downs and fall shorts. Continue to work. All forward moving effort works towards reaching your goals and that includes the small steps. 

Don't Sweat The Small Steps, Celebrate Them!

So what, you didn't reach your goal...

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