Is Bad Thinking Holding You Back?

1. Hear your voice over all other voices! No matter how many times you've heard "them" say mean and hurtful things directly to you or about you, to others, you are not obligated to allow their words to act as the script to how you should live your life. Stop putting their voice on repeat in your head. Hear better. Talk better to yourself and allow your mind to focus on your voice. Empower yourself by staying consistent in building yourself up. Make a choice to be the you that you desire to be. Make a choice NOT to allow the words of others to control you.

2. Speak your vision! What you see for your life, speak it into existence as if it were already. Instead of saying, "I don't have the money for business coaching.", switch it up, try saying, "I need business coaching, I'm going to start saving for business coaching." When you speak your vision into existence, you think better and when you think better, you action better. 

3. Believe in your power! No one on the face of the earth has more power over your life than you. Believe in yourself. The power you need lies inside of you. Your success depends on your power. 

4. No more settling for the life of others. Sure, it's easy to see a life already lived and rewards already received, believing that you want exactly what you see others with. God made us all unique and we all have a unique path to take, journeying to our own unique success and rewards. Don't waste time settling for a life already lived and one that was not designed for you. Have faith and be open to taking next steps to discover all the greatness that is in this world, waiting for you. Next day at a time. 

5. Your greatness needs no one's permission to be. You have the right to be as great as you desire to be. Your creativity and ingenuity needs no one else's permission to be. Do not apologize for any portion of your greatness. It's yours, move towards it, unapologetically. 

No woman has ever woke up and decided she will have low self esteem, low self confidence and won't believe in herself. No, that's not the case. All of the negative that lives inside each of us comes from those people in our lives who, instead of depositing positivity, they left BIG negatives: hurt, trauma and pain. Those big negatives buried you under fear and that same hurt, trauma and pain now holds you captive from believing in yourself, keeping you away from moving in your greatness.  

Every women is in control of her life and her choices. You have to decide whether to be strong in your own right or to stay weak, at the hands of someone else's nonsense. The choice is yours, all yours and only yours. You can choose to live happy, powerful and power-filled, or you can live your life being a calico version of all things that everyone else says you should be. 

You choose. 


When it comes to making decisions for you and your business, do you find that making decisions is just too tough of a task to take on?

If your answer is yes, you definitely are not alone. While the number of women owned businesses are increasing, there are far too many women entrepreneurs stuck in their businesses--stuck behind the fear that comes with having to make tough decisions.

Why do so many women entrepreneurs have such a tough time making tough business decisions? 

Three words...hurt, trauma and pain. Many women who are creative minds are also troubled minds, overloaded with memories of past hurt, trauma and pain. As a result of unresolved past pain issues, what's hiding behind the creativity, ingenuity, intelligence and quest for success is low self esteem, a lack of self confidence, feelings of not being worthy enough and feelings of just not measuring up.

With entrepreneurship must come passion and a true love for what you'll be bringing to the market. How do you make sure that passion and true love is coupled with courage, confidence and a much needed boldness, required to make the necessary decisions in business, remaining confident in who you are as a woman and business woman. 

Here's 5 #ReeMarkable tips that can help you, not only be a better business owner, but be a better you too! 

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